About Us

Linda McAllorum is an experienced wedding planner (Perfect Irish Weddings), with significant experience in event planning and management. Perfect Irish Weddings is Ireland’s only eco-chic wedding planning company.

Andrea Carroll is an environmental consultant (Arc Sustainability), working with businesses and national media on environmental issues and standards. She also lectures on sustainability, entrepreneurism and business at university.

Andrea recently got engaged and began planning the green wedding of her dreams, a day that really reflected her partner and herself. However she found it very difficult to create something unique, and avoid the conveyor belt type of wedding system so common here in Ireland.

Linda’s passion being the creation of eco friendly weddings that wow and are different, they decided to team up and help the rising tide of couples that are in the same position. Together they formed One of a Kind Weddings, Ireland first alternative and Eco focused Wedding events company.

“When people fall in love and decide to get married they start off with a picture in their head of what they want their day to be like. However with the amount of information out there sometimes they lose their way and get caught up planning the wedding that everyone expects them to have” says Linda. “We want to help them not only re-discover their dream wedding, but also give them idea’s and connections to get extra bang for their buck.”